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 The recipes of BURDIVEGA
Burdivéga ?  


(Special thanks to Céline VILLIER for her help)


BURDIVEGA is an association located in Bordeaux, France (in the Aquitaine region).

Its purpose is to gather people who wish to live and promote vegetarianism in a friendly way.


We believe it is important to support vegetarianism to encourage the research of a healthy diet (promotion of food produced by organic farming). 

Burdivéga tries to teach people how to cook tasty and well-balanced courses and to favour some forgotten vegetables, fruit or cereals. The association is against GMOs and is implicated in the protection of the environment (being vegetarian contributes to a better production with less waste and less animal suffering).

When someone eats a steak, 60 times more water is wasted than when someone eats a wheat, rice, or soy pancake because 100 000 litters of water (26420 US gal, 22000 imp gal) are needed to produce 1Kg (2,2 pounds) beef steak when only 1 600 litters (423 US gal., 352 imp gal.) are enough to produce 1kg of wheat, rice or soy.


Being vegetarian today is also a moral commitment, meaning you are a citizen respectful of the environment and concerned by human beings.

Do you know that “rich” northern countries import cereals from “poor” southern countries, where people are starving, in order to provide for the needs generated by huge intensive livestock farming ?

What are our actions ?

The association aims to gather all the vegetarians of our region the Gironde in France, where the main city is Bordeaux, known for some prestigious wines (Mouton Rotchild, Sauternes,…). The association:

·        Organizes friendly dinners, picnics with  a variety of activities (meetings, debates, cooking lessons, ...)

·        Lists the restaurants and shops where you can find vegetarian food (if you visit  the south west of France)

·        Puts at your disposal an interactive library about vegatarianism, gardening or environmentalism.

BURDIVEGA also wants to inform about and introduce vegetarianism to everyone  by:

§        Tasting vegetarian meals on the occasion of exhibitions, fairs, concerts and markets.

§        Organizing   sporting events ( bike-riding, walking, canoeing, snowshoeing, …)

§        Creating fun activities about diet or vegetables for children, at school or in  family.

§        Putting information brochures in dietetic or health shops.

BURDIVEGA is an association which would like to meet people and other associations concerned with environment, life quality and which would like to put a lot into nature, animal rights, and the protection of poor countries.

Hall of fame: Pythagoras, Leonardo Da Vinci, Joan Baez, Benjamin Franklin, Tolstoy, Gandhi, Moby, Chelsea Clinton.... or Lisa Simpson are/were some prestigious vegetarians.